Academics and Profession

Sanjivani Jha
2 min readDec 15, 2020


I will begin with a simple yet significantly meta-statement, (a Whitmanian characteristic that I humbly adore.)

“What if the search for meaning is the meaning?”

The locus point of today’s post will be Academics and Profession it is going to be a catalogue of my personal interpretation of these words.

What is interesting to me is the common correlation drawn between the two; how what you study is what you become. While I think of them as entirely opposite, I would go far as saying mirror images of each other.

Academia being the divergence and Profession being the convergence of your education.

The flexibility and vastness of academia go unused because we are fed to believe that you must study what you professionally want to be I have my problem with the commercialized attitude towards education, it has become “investment” when it should have been “interest”.

I remember talking about the capitalistic behaviour of love in my Urban Love post but it breaks me, even more, to realize that it has its hands on Education too and further deep to my horror.

Socially charged pressure creates this tension within you of what you can study so you can have a job on the same so basically, in the present, you start with the future and end up messing both.

This nag that you have to have a point in what you are doing is nothing but an impatient capitalized or consumer behaviour than demands immediate or assured outcomes and cares little about the craft, learning or meaningfulness of the work.

I implore, that we can reverse this by not forcing ourselves to make sense of the knowledge we receive, it’s okay to sponge it and let time make sense of it. Don’t restrict yourself from studying something radically different from your course, you never know, and when have things ever gone the way you plan, use this side of unpredictability and uncertainty.

Academia does not necessarily equate to Profession, you can retire from working but never from learning.

What you learn with interest will always have more to say in your life than what you learn for earn.

Knowledge>>Professional Pursuit.



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